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Thread: Night vision store cutomer service....

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    Night vision store cutomer service....

    Any one had much dealings with Night Vision store.

    I have been trying to get information from them regarding their Ward D 700 NV add ons. I have emailed them & no reply, called them twice and spoke to a polite lady who promised I would get a call back. Nearly 3 weeks have gone by and still no reply....

    I was possibly going to purchase two units but I am beginning to wonder that if I had any issues/faults it's unlikely that I would get any where with them trying to reslove any issues as it seems they are too busy to contact me to sell it let alone fix one.....!


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    Pm Clive ward on here.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by redlab View Post
    Pm Clive ward on here.....
    i dont think I should contact him via PM as I have called a couple times and promised a call back and Ive also emailed. Im of the opinion that they "Night Vision Store" should get back to me.

    Just wanted general feed back from other users of the store to see if its worth giving them another shot at selling me something....!

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    I emailed asking about the suitability of my scope for use with his add-on, still waiting for a reply weeks/months later and have since spent my money elsewhere

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    I think I can add weight to the not great at communication. However I think there are many satisfied user of his products. I am one.

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    He is rather famous for it. His product is good by all accounts. The lady is a hire a secretary and she drops him an email to say you called.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I went to buy a Ward D 700 from him, but due to the lack of response I have decided to go elsewhere.

    Shame really, as the way i see it he's a one man band and doesn't have the time on his hand. If he can reduce his costs and bump the price a little he should be able to make a decent penny off the product. And then he'll be able to pay himself to do this admin.

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    Cheers for the feed back, shame as it a seems like a good product but will probably think of getting something else where too.

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    He is slow/hard to contact,such a pity as his products are good and his aftersales service very good when you manage to contact him.

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    Have bought a couple ir lamps off this site the product is good but a night mare to deal with,
    also delivery time is crap ,real shame the price is right but service is rubbish like many others won't use again

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