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Thread: Do they not think ahead?

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    Do they not think ahead?

    Officials at a US university were left red-faced after their decision to rename a law school after late Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia prompted hilarity over its unfortunate acronym.

    George Mason University in Virginia said its law school would be called the Antonin Scalia School of Law.

    The eagle-eyed immediately took to Twitter to point out that the acronym would be ASSoL.

    The university has since renamed it as the Antonin Scalia Law School

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    The three T's gundog society, The Tyne, Tees and Tweed, was originally going to be Tyne, Wear and Tweed!!!

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    Thirlestone-Runcorn Sexual Health clinic?

    Irritating cxnts.......
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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