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    Roe Bucks

    Was out a few days ago and at my usual haunt, I saw several animals in the distance crossing the valley in front of me perhaps half a mile off. I got myself under cover and tried glassing them to see what they were (I was well down-wind of them) but they disappeared into a woodland margin only to reappear about 200 yds in front of me and came to within 50 yds of my position so I got a good look. Three Roe bucks together in a social group. One button buck, one at a guess would have been 3 to 5 years old with fully formed antlers, the other perhaps a bit older with a fantastic set of antlers. Never seen this behaviour before in 30 years locally with Roe as only ever seen bucks singly. I often see small groups of two to three Does (family groups) but never seen it with Bucks. Anyone else come across this behaviour with Roe?

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    Yes, seen groups of up to 5 Roe bucks together, playing/sparring, usually around April.
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    Quite regular before they start to break up and get on the sniff in preparation for rutting.

    Was down at a friends in the South a few weeks back and saw up to 7 Bucks in a field cavorting around two does and having little practice jousts.

    Great to watch

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    I posted a video a couple of weeks ago in the photo section of three bucks in a field along with six does.

    The bucks were sparring already
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Great spectacle to watch...a bit like spring lambs playing around in the fields! Never seen it before here but then again, the Roe population here has been on the increase for the past 5 to 10 years so perhaps it's just one sign that numbers are pretty healthy.

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    This Might explain and answer my thread from yesterday "Puzzle no bucks" just not in groups on my area.

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