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Thread: Heym magazines

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    Heym magazines

    Hi may be a long shot but does anyone have any heym 5 shot mags they no longer need/want for sale

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    Steve I think I have one for .308 length but you want the long one don't you?
    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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    Hi martin the short one would be fine I have both long and short in 3 shot and are interchangeable in both rifles the 7 mm round is only slightly longer than the 308 and fits and cycles in the short mag of 243 no problem

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    Hi, I'm in the same boat Mathieson.
    If you got sorted do you mind if I jump on this thread to ask the same question.
    I would like a 5 round magazine to suit .270



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