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Thread: Hello, from Texas.

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    Hello, from Texas.

    Hello everyone, I'm Marty Ley from Texas. I hunt a variety of animals here in Texas, mostly deer, hogs, and Aoudad sheep, with some small game thrown in. I like to hunt the East Texas piney woods, the hill country, and the caprock country South of Post, TX. Plus, I enjoy a bit of dove hunting. And, most recently, I enjoy turkey hunting. I've been hunting since I was a little boy. I generally use bolt action rifles for the big game, in .270 Winchester or 30-06. And, I like to use a crossbow during our bow seasons. For the birds and smaller game I enjoy a Remington 870 12ga and a Remington 1187 in 20ga. For predators and small critters I like to break out a .223 of some sort.

    My favorite type of hunting is spot and stalk hunting of the Aoudad sheep and hogs in the caprock country South of Post, Texas. It's rugged country with rough trails that have lots of loose rocks and caliche clay and gravel. It's very dry and it seems all the plants will try to stick you with needles or thorns. I love it there. My next favorite is East Texas piney woods. I do a lot of deer and hog hunting there. Most of that is stand hunting, with long hikes to get to the stand area. I hunt mostly public land, and have to hike a long ways to get away from any crowds. I do have a couple friends with land, and get to hunt there sometimes, just not as often as I hunt public ground.

    I was drawn to this forum while doing searches for boots. I have been wearing Danner boots of some form or another for many years. And, well, as I get older, and my knee's and ankles aren't as strong as my younger days, I needed some boots that had a bit more ankle support. So, I recently went to a Cabela's, where they sell boots made by Meindl. And, I bought some Denali boots, which are the same as the Meindl Vakuum GTX boots. And, so far I really enjoy them. Hardly no break in at all. I went on a two day turkey hunt on a ranch with some rolling hills, creeks and oak timber this past weekend. And, I'm thoroughly pleased with them. My knee's and ankles thanked me. Well, I wanted the same kind of comfort for me feet at work. I'm a corrections officer. So, I found some Hanwag Special Forces GTX on Amazon, and they are on the way. I got those due to some very good comments about them here and on other forums.

    I've enjoyed reading your forums for a bit, and thought I'd join up and participate.


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    Welcome to SD Marty . I've been through Texas a number of times and am familiar with the Hill Country . Great place and friendly people , I'll be back one day .


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    Excellent introduction post Marty. Welcome to sd. Corrections officer !!! Well you will have your work cut out here.

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    Welcome Marty, good introduction

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    The Hanwags came in. I'm wearing them at work today. Very comfortable boots. Not as comfortable as the Meindl's, yet. A little more break in time and they may be. Great quality and very well made boots.

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    The Meindl's on a sandy trail leading down to a creak bottom. The terrain wasn't to rough, mostly low rolling hills with hard wood forests.

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