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Thread: This is how tight Muntjac can sit!!

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    This is how tight Muntjac can sit!!

    I was out walking around a site at work today with a colleague both in yellow Hi Viz jackets looking to get rid of some razor wire when we happened across this Munty Doe laid up. We were only about 3 yards away and she just laid there! First thought was she was caught up, injured or even giving birth, but after a minute or so she had had enough of being stared at and got up and ran off!! Clearly nothing wrong, just sitting tight waiting for us to walk away!!

    I've bumped them close up before in cover but this was completely open with no cover anywhere near!! Always happens when you don't have a rifle over your shoulder. Next time I go out I think I'll get the work gear out instead of the stalking clothing!!


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    Had a similar situation with a squirrel sized fawn a few years ago in December.I lined out my beaters through the wood all chattering away (didn't matter about noise we were blanking in). Walked to my spot spaniels at heel and stood for a few seconds then looked at the bare ground in front of me, There was this tiny thing looking up at me, I called to my underkeeper who came over and couldn't believe his eyes. I eventually walked around it so as not to push it forward into the drive. Just one of those beautiful moments that you remember for the rest of your life and others find hard to believe.
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    excellent and a great photo! Regards SBM

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    I often think that deer and other animals that use immobility as a defence mechanism are capable of telling the difference between someone out for a stroll and someone in full stealth mode. They must be able to read body language in the same way that pigeons fly straight overhead, unless you have a stick or gun in hand, they always seem to spot that 100 metres away and veer off!


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    Had to poke one with a beating stick (circa 91ish) whilst beating on a shoot to the east of Reading.
    Just the other day I bumped 3x fallow that were sat tight in cover. I'd been stood less than 5m from them not 10mins before and they never moved. I stuck a spade in the ground and that was it, they were off.
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    It was the HI Vis clothing. Had you been dressed in realtree you wouldn't have seen her

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    Nearly stood on this little one a couple of years ago.



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    Thats a beaut John.

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    Great post Stratts, most interesting to hear/see and you did well to get such a good pic

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    Last day of the season 3 Munty,s on the final drive looking at the beating line like mm what these clowns upto ,after 3 minutes of staring zoom off the run in 3 different directions .Closest ive been to Munty,s with only a flag n a blooming radio in my hands
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