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Thread: I'm Free!!!!........

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    I'm Free!!!!........

    Mod Free!!

    Previous attempts at having a zero for a moderated rifle and a pain free zero for the same load unmoderated have been too much hassle to endure
    I like travelling light when woodland stalking but I had a shift in POI 7-8"North and 3" East with the old BRNO .222 (with non target turret scope) which was just too much to be faffing around back and forth between fox in town and roe in the woods.

    My predominant roe stalking rifle now is a Sako in .222 and as nice as it is, it is a clumsy brute with a moderator.

    As it now sports covered turrets the theory of keeping a physical note of Mod and No Mod turret readings to enable Mod free stalking seemed simple....but I suspected it wouldn't be!

    How wrong could I be

    Mod on - Zero at 100
    Mod off - 2" high at 100, no lateral movement!!

    Job done. 8 clicks down ready to go

    Just lost a pound without going to the gym!

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    very nice and who said losing weight was hard

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    I too hate a heavy nosed rifle. I accept it as a necessary evil now.
    Deer Stalking. Training and Courses. Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1, Training and Witnessing for the Level 2 Assessment.

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    Happy days, though I wouldn't have bothered about touching the scope at all.

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    That's a result Ed, delighted for you

    I'm not sure how different the trajectory is on .222 vs. .243, but I keep zero mine at 2" high at 100m to put me spot on at 200m.

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    true but i rarely shoot anything past 150
    2" high puts me past 200 as a zero and 2" between 135 and 180 which is my primary distance
    would rather be bang on there

    close enough not to think about though!

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