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Thread: What can people tell me about 7x 64?

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    What can people tell me about 7x 64?

    I'm looking into the baser r8. I was going to go .308 but have the opportunity to try something new if I wanted I guess? Was looking at the calibre list and basically I'm after a one for all cartridge, from roe to fallow, to driven boar. I have a separate rifle for foxes now, so this is purely deer and above. 7 x 64 caught my eye as something different, but would ammo supply be a problem?. Thankyou.

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    Ammunition is readily available throughout Europe. I have a 7x64 barrel to go with my 9.3X62, great combination and choice. Enjoy!

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    Used 7x64 for about 15 years, shot anything from fox to pigs and red deer. If you want something different, go for it, it is one of the most popular cartridges on the continent. It used to be quite difficult to find a good choice of ammo in contrast to .270 that's very similar.

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    European 270 but a bit smoother to shoot in comparison ammo not to hard to get hold of easy to reload and does what it says on the tin very well.

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    Used a 7x64 on all deer for las 3 years found no problems with it, I have found 140 grain a good all round bullet and flat shooting

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshwarrior View Post
    European 270 but a bit smoother to shoot in comparison ammo not to hard to get hold of easy to reload and does what it says on the tin very well.
    + 1

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    I've been using a 9.3x62 for driven boar, but it's a little heavy on recoil shooting boar from a high seat, so decided to get something a little different, and chose the 7x64, which shoots a good range of bullet weights.

    First off, I would check the availability of ammunition in your area. I always intended to reload for it, but needed some ammunition for a trip to Hungary, and hadn't had the time to reload. Because I intended to reload, it never dawned on me to check what factory ammunition was available local to me. Not a lot. Don't forget that the trade have major issues with shipping firearms, & ammunition at the moment, and at best, it's very expensive. I was quoted 60.00 for carriage, and the local dealer wanted 25.00 to accept it.

    I'd picked up a box of Winchester 162g to test, when I collected the rifle, but the rifle didn't like it, not even good enough for boar ! Then fortunately, a local dealer found a few boxes of RWS 173g soft point, he'd had in stock for a number of years, and that worked very well, and will cover me until I sort a load.

    So just check first.

    That aside, I love it. Mine is on a Merkel Helix, and it came with a relatively short barrel. The RWS was quite slow across the crono, 2480fps, and I was a little concerned how it would perform on a boar. Turns out, no issue, certainly out to circa 150yds, where it passed through, doing what it needed to.

    I'm very pleased, but I will still stick with 9.3 for driven.

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    Pretty much everything the 270 should have been. Has the ability to handle heavier rounds than the 270.


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    A cross between a 270 and a 30-06, so can't be bad.
    I own one.

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    It is by a long way the most popular hunting calibre in France. It can use bullets from 120gr to 180gr, they can be very fast and flat shooting, or slow and heavy, and there's pretty much a load that's perfect for just about everything you're ever going to encounter in Europe and most other places.

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