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Thread: best roe sack?

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    best roe sack?

    just wondered what people were finding to be the best roe sack avalible and i was wondering if anyone knew of one which keeps the load higher up more towards you shoulders when in use i love the look of the american carrying frames but have all but given up on trying to find somthing like it in the uk so im now looking at a more tradtional sack, would also be interested in anyones experience with the harkilla blaiken packs

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    I have the Fenja and can't fault it
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    Poppins sika sack for me.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Shadow on the site makes a very!! good sack. It does stay pretty high once fitted and beast is in.
    (It has an additional strap across your chest)

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    My mentor sold me a Monarch roe sack that I've been very pleased with. The load doesn't sit completely high up, but I have a long back and the waist and chest straps secure very well. You'd be welcome to pop round and have a look and even borrow for a few weeks to try out if desired.

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    I have the Monarch roe sack too and love it.

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    Roe / Sika Sacks

    without a doubt the best and adjustable

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    I have a Harkila one and it is rubbish! Shoulder strap ripped out on its first use with a smallish fallow doe in it. Padded back unstitched and fell off! Plastic clips have snapped. I love Harkila stuff generally, but NOT the Roe sack!

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    I have just bought an Apex Predator. Converts from a waist pack to a roe sack - handy for carrying all your bits and bob. I haven't used the roe sack bit yet

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    Phil Ogdens stuff is quality, sold thru monarch I think,

    excellent quality and english made made by phil himself,



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