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Thread: Deer shooting syndicates

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    Deer shooting syndicates

    I am a part time gamekeeper on a syndicated shoot and obviously understand how the syndicate works, everyone pays there money and turns up on set days.How does a deer shooting syndicate work ? are set stalks for each member alloted ? is it govened by the amount of stalks or sessions in a highseat? who keeps the shot deer "stalker,estate/syndicate owner".Obviously you can be lucky or unlucky on any given day as to the chance to shoot a beast the same as drawing a peg on a game shooting day I guess.
    I would be gratefull if any one could explain the in and outs as well as the good and bad points of a syndicate.

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    The syndicates I am in work as follows. You phone the lease holder 48 hrs before you want to go and so long as no one else is booked that day off you go. The carcass is yours to keep, sell etc. Just need to inform the lease holder if you shoot anything and where on the ground it was shot. Easy as that. If it is Forestry Commission land you also need to inform the ranger of when you enter and when you leave, we do this by text and is no hassle at all.


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    I've been a member of a syndicate in Scotland since April and its my first one, so I'm not an expert. However, on ours there are no allocated weekends or dates. We contact the organiser to book when we want to go. We are encouraged to go up in pairs. We get to keep whatever deer we shoot.

    I'm interested to hear the replies from others who have more experience.



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    I have been in and also run my own syndicate; they pretty much operate as above, a couple of rules for mine are briefly.

    Members ring me when you want to go, if nobody else is on the land off you go on your set date, if somebody else has booked that date, liaise with them, but the first person who booked has dibs on were to go on the land, the second person/group has to fit in.

    If you shoot a deer and want to take it home you have to pay for it at the game dealer price, the money from this is put into a kitty at the end of year the money in this kitty is used to pay the rent, the balanced is paid equally by all syndicate members. There fore the person shooting the most deer is subsidising the rest of the syndicate’s membership. This helps stop some less able stalker get jealous of those that are shooting the deer.

    I like to try and encourage the members to work as a team and help each other, tell other members were they have seen deer etc.

    I think most Lease holders around me in Scotland want the members to shoot as many deer as possible.



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    My own syndicate the members come and go as they like, shoot what ever they please, as 50/50 will tell you take as many ticks home as possible .

    The members pay for the pleasure, so why should I place any sort of restriction on what they can do .

    We are all in the same business to enjoy our stalking whenever possible with out any barriers or moaning ,the likes of you've been there twice this month or you've shot 5 stags if a member shoots a stag /hind an drags it of good on him the more the merrier .

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    i am in a syndicate on a private estate and book in around 2-3 days before i go,they in turn inform the keepers so they know which stalker/s will be on the ground, the ground can take 3 stalkers at a time and we keep all we shoot,generally around 120 deer per year red and roe between 8 rifles, thanks rich

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    I am a member of three syndicates , one consists of 4000acres where there are quite a few members stalk it and you can go anytime you like but you need to notify the lease holder prior to going and what you shoot you keep.

    Another which is approx 500 acres which consists of 3 rifles and we have full sporting rights inc pheasants and duck flights and it has two ponds on it.

    Another which consists of 4 rifles and 1800 acres where we can go anytime we like without any notification to the main lease holder.
    On all our leases/syndication what ever we shoot is ours.

    We do insist on each members being involved in work parties though on both the 500 acre shoot and the 1800 acre shoot where we strim back rides and construct high towers and blinds etc there are no exceptions
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    On the syndicate I am a member of you can go when ever you like but must liase with any other members who are stalking at the same time, but this is never a problem as my block alone is around 5000 acres.
    We get to keep all we shoot,be it a roe doe or a red stag and we let other members know deer activity we have seen to increase success.

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    What sort of money are we talking (average) for syndicate stalking?
    I never really thought about joining a syndicate due to work and family commitments, but now that the children are a bit older and work isn't as demanding, as I have recently learned the ability to delegate it is something I have been considering.
    Another question... how do you get to stalk on forestry commision land?
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    if you where buying into a syndicate 300
    if you are selling a syndicate space 3000

    As for Fc land, who you know, gets you places.
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