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Thread: Grand National Fancies

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    Grand National Fancies

    The great race tomorrow. whats your fancies boys? I have had 20 on Triolo D, Alene. 33,s at the moment. Had 80/1 four timer yesterday so I can play with the bookies money.

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    with my luck the whole field will fail to finish,

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    This year, for my single annual foray into gambling, I'm going to back Saint Are and Holywell.

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    I have Rule The World in a sweepstake

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    I'm backing bugger all. Tis the best one to keep your money with, bit like Camelot really I've saved thousands by not doing it.

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    Well I've just been to blow 40 on some ephemeral hope! Good luck everyone.

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    There are some interesting pictures of ladies day on the net......

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    Crew neck.....good jumper
    dusty cap.....never been beaten


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    Pinnochio by a nose

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