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Thread: R P brass quality?

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    R P brass quality?

    I loaded up a tray of .308 once fired R P brass last night - previously loaded with the usual brew of 45.5gr RL15/CCI200/Nosler 150grBT - and was surprised to find that 12% of the cases had split necks.

    I checked some IMI & WW brass that had been through the same Steyr Mannlicher model L up to 9 times using the same loading without even needing trimming, (neck sized only), and couldn't find any problem with any of them.

    Is this indicative of R P quality - in which case I'll steer clear of them in future? Or have I just been unlucky with this batch?

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    I used to shoot RP brass in the 222. I got very good accuracy, but the necks got very hard after 5-6 reloadings. They started to crack and I chucked them all and bought Lapua.

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    I got 100 R & P brass once fired .270 and found after resizing and cleaning that it was soft and some necks give, reloaded the good stuff no problem since, but I tend to stick with federal and Norma, I use different brass for different bullet wieghts.

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    Hmmm I have not noticed this trend. I use R.P brass in the 6mm, it's the only brass I seem to be able to get and I have scrapped the first batch as the cases were showing obvious signs of distress but at the expansion ring not the neck. Think i did have one neck split but I had reloaded them about 6+ times by then. I also use R.P brass in .303 and for forming down to 6.5x53R not lost one of those cases in doing so.

    I would hazard a guess that you ahve been slightly unlucky and that annealing the necks will reduce any tendancy to crack at the neck.

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    Also just tossed away a load of em. 308 split necks. Some had 3 splits. Very tame load.


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    **** i have a 260 reloaded my r&p brass once the primers were falling out no pressure as under max load i wont buy agane. Neil

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    Quote Originally Posted by biglad View Post
    **** i have a 260 reloaded my r&p brass once the primers were falling out no pressure as under max load i wont buy agane. Neil
    Hmmm you do realise that your supposed to use the Large Rifle primers and not the small ones .

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    Judging by the general concensus the R-P cases don't have a good rep.

    That seems to be confirmed by the 20 reloads I've now put through the rifle - another 6 have split necks!!!

    I'll fire of the rest, bin the whole lot of cases and go back to the IMI brass that appears to be as tough as nails.

    Thanks for your responses.

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    i use remmy brass in 7mm08 and have found it fine. i have used all sorts, my favourites have been norma and RWS which i have used in 243. i also like imi i have used some for 5-6 reloads in 30-06.

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    Now also found Remmy split cases from my 243.

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