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Thread: Viht N150 - .243 Sierra Gameking 100gr SBT - Federal brass.

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    Viht N150 - .243 Sierra Gameking 100gr SBT - Federal brass.


    Its my first time reloading and I was wondering if anyone has used this combo before? I'm struggling to find exact load data for this powder/bullet combination and if anyone could help id really appreciate it.

    The Vihtavuori site has this data for a 100gr Speer bullet with n150, will i be ok using this minimum load (28.7gr) to work off of?

    100 Grand Slam Speer 68,3 2.689 N150 1,86 28.7 722 2369 2,23 34.4 839 2753

    Many thanks

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    I cloverleaf my A bolt using 31.4grn and 100grn sierra gamekings that is in ppu used brass.

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    Thanks howy, do you have any more info? what load did you work up from? trim length etc


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    Does anyone have any advice on this at all?

    I cannot find any information , I contacted vhit and Sierra and neither have data on this load.


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    If you are going to be using Sierra bullets buy their reloading manual as a beginning reloader you should at least have one reloading manual better if you have one of all the bullet makes you load,
    Start with the data you have it is quite safe Sierra has OAL at 2.650" trim length is 2.035" N150 is to fast to get the best velocity Sierra lists N165 37.7 to 43.0 with 2800 as max velocity 1741 fl/lbs doubt that the N150 loads will be legal in some places, N550 gives the best velocity with 100 grain bullets, you will get higher energy with 85 grain bullets Sierra has them producing 2055 ft/lbs
    at 3300fps with a max load of 37.7 grains of N140,
    Buy some manuals and sit down and read them it will save you money in the long run some of the data on the net is total rubbish it takes years of reloading to know what is good and what is bad
    you need a few sources to check data before you start a new load all ways be cautious start low and work up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kudu101 View Post
    Does anyone have any advice on this at all?

    I cannot find any information , I contacted vhit and Sierra and neither have data on this load.

    Have you thought that the reason they do not have any data for this N150 you want to use is due to them finding it unsuitable?

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    I find N560 a most suitable powder for 100gr bullets in .243 but would also agree with the sound advise dispensed already in this thread.

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    Hi everyone.

    Thanks for the advice. The reason i bought this powder was due to the recommendation of the local gun shop. I was told that it would be a good starter powder for me to try with a wide range of bullet weights so i thought id try it.

    When i got home and checked my manual and all other sources i still couldnt find data for this bullet head. Being a complete begginner i wanted to find the exact data for this bullet/powder combo otherwise i would have worked up from a safe starting point.

    I have since contacted sierra again and they reccommended i use some IMR4350 which i have swapped my N150 for, along with some 85gr hpbt.

    Very excited to get loading now!

    Thanks again for the help.

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    I use n160 behind 100gr Gamekings to good effect (43gr off top of my head, lapua brass, federal primers, Rem 700. Worked up carefully to this and no problems). Will give 1/2" @ 100yds all day long.

    Edit:- Not very helpful now though I guess. Should have read last post

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    Thanks toots, il keep that in mind for the future

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