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Thread: What's going on? Optimate scope

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    What's going on? Optimate scope

    Couple of days ago I zeroed my new Optimate Opti-TT 5-20x50 at 50m with 0.22 Eley Subs. Found that using strelok i could get spot on by dialling in or using the mildot reticle at 80m. Then i went shooting bunnies with most at 75 - 85m. Aimed high using the mildots exactly like when zeroing but the round went high. So did the next. Ended up aiming straight at the bunnies and went home with 14. Anyway, today i re zeroed at 50m. The rifle was firing high and slightly right. Sorted that. Checked that i could hit a2p piece at 75 and 80m, using Strelok - fine. Went shooting at the same place for bunnies again and exactly the same thing has happened. The rounds went high and right. Again i ended up aiming directly at the rabbits even though i was shooting to 82m and zeroed at 50m.

    Anyone any idea why a scope zeroed at 50m seems to alter to being zeroed at 80m? Not had this happen before, the usual drifts of zero with time but not the same thing happening on successive outings. Not me i am sure. Can a scopes do this sort of thing?

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    Stupid question but are you adjusting the turrets too or just using holdover?

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    When you go after rabbits, are you putting a NV unit on ? putting a bipod on ? using it on sticks ? something is making the POI change

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    Don't forget the adjustment on the opti tt is in MRAD
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    Sorryjust got back on here. I am using exactly the same set up that i used for my mtc taipan on my 243, bipod. Three times now i have set zero at 50m, then used the mil dots to hold over using strelok. Perfectly on target at 80 and 75m. Then later the same day fir rabbits, it's going high at 50 by about 12cm and right by about 4. Each time i have reset the zero and then the same thing happens. Never get this on my other scopes, just the occasional small zero adjustments typical of gentle bumps and weather changes.

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    Is it resetting back to zero properly? I.e. Have you reset it to zero and then shot a group at 50 to confirm?

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    I've heard of stories that when you put your turret caps back on It snags on the internal turret and adjusts it. Could this be the case?

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    Are you changing magnification? Some scopes move POI with a change of mag. To test, set the rifle up solid, like in a workmate, and look through the scope as you carefully adjust the zoom. Centre should remain 'on target'. If it moves, then...........


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    Thanks again for all the ideas. I tried everything but still got the same issues. In the end i returned the scope to optics warehouse. They were great and accepted it back with no problem. I got another but this time went for an mtc genesis amd. I have a taipan on my 243 that has always been great. Anyway, set that up and four sessions and 27 rabbits later it is still perfectly zeroed. Happy ending, something was definitely moving in that first one. Cheers everyone.

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    Are you shooting up or downhill at the bunnies?

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