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Thread: Reloading questions

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    Reloading questions

    Just had a wee bonus in that the dreaded student loans company whom i have been paying back for an eternity have taken too much from me last year and owe me a hefty refund so now I can actively look to start this reloading.

    I have been reading through the threads about it and also trying to read up from other web sites but I have a few questions to ask still.

    I am going to buy a lee kit, the reason being they seem pretty cheap and if I get into reloading I can buy new stuff and if not I can sell it on.

    1. the anniversary kit seems to get decent reviews so if I purchase this kit, apart from a set of dies, what else do I need kit wise to start reloading? Basic essentials that will help me and not luxury's.

    2. Which manual is a good reference so I have a hard copy I can take out with me.

    3. Which book is a good choice for reloading in general - I have seen one on amazon the ABC's of reloading

    4. Finally does anyone reload that lives reasonably near to east lothian that would be prepared to show me and talk me through reloading they do themselves? It is good reading on the internet and books, watching videos etc but I think it would be greatly beneficial to me to see it being done in real life.

    Thank you


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    Hi it looks like all you will need is a case length gauge & die's & powder/primers etc & you are off. As for books the ABC manuel is good & i have the Lee modern reloading 2nd edition which is all so very good. You can look the net for data & reloaders nest is a great site for data. As for die's the lee press will take lee/RCBS/Redding etc & if you have a 22.250 or 25/06 i have Lee delux dies in these cals forslae if you wish in near new condition if any use to you.

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    Cheers v-max I will have a look at that book as well as the reloaders nest.
    The die I will be looking for is a .243 so cant do business sorry, but cheers for the offer anyway.

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    David, first off you need some reloading books. Try and find one that gives the calibre and bullet you want to reload. For that very reason i bought the Hornady book as well as the Lee book. I also have the Lyman book too. These all give a comprehensive list of what you will need.

    I would suggest some other purchases to add; good engineering quality calipers, a stoney point OAL guage (with modified case in your calibre) and a comparator. A powder trickler, a primer pocket cleaner and perhaps a sonic case cleaner (jewelry cleaners) will help.

    People will try and put you off the Lee kit, telling you you will need to upgrade, but unless you are bench resting ignore them. My reloads from my bog standard sako 75 will give a five shot group at 0.335" @ 100yds. I have a friend who can really shoot and he can do ragged holes with my rifle and reloads.

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    Although I would love to help you get started david your a wee bit too far away. Darn it if you were closer I would lend you a press to get started with plus a set of scales. Depending of cartidge I might even have a set of dies spare.

    Lee stuff is fine I did upgrade to an RCBS rockchecker when one came up at a good price due to the sudden death or our club sec, I brought his from his widow along with his Lyman Universal case trimmer, the Lee press I was using is doing duty as far as I am aware in Scotland loadign 22-250 foxing ammo along with the Lee dies I had. I traded them for soem Antler walking stick handles with a Policeman who was just startignout reloading for his fox shooting.

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    David i'll PM you over the weekend, once i've had a recce up the attic. I'm sure i have a Lee Press up there and some spare .243 dies.



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    I can add a thumbs-up to the Richard Lee's "Modern Reloading Volume II" as a reloading book. It has such a wealth of information in it that I wouldn't be without it... even after 40 years of reloading.~Muir

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    David. I see you are already in touch with moe243. BDS SE Scotland meet in Dalkeith on a regular basis and have had reloading evenings in previous winters.
    Fegards JCS

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