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Thread: Stealthy cabinet location

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    Stealthy cabinet location

    You would want to make sure the missus is absolutely sure that's where she wants the couch before you bolt it to the floor though!!

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    I think I'll stick with my cheap single oak veneer wardrobe over the top of my cabinet.
    I can get my rifle out quicker than he can move all his cushions !!

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    I will have to wind up some of the hillbillies im working with at the minute about this. (One of them bound to have already made one of these - in match real tree camo, with Under Armor logo).

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    Did you just fart or is it some of the rounds underneath cooking off?

    Actually this would not work for me. The missus has a deep seated need to move all the furniture in the living room at least every 6 months.

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    What a bloody faff. Who would be bothered with all these cushions. Canny imagine he'll sell many of these.

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