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Thread: Blaser R93 .308 Fluted Barrel

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    Blaser R93 .308 Fluted Barrel

    Just before Christmas 2015 I treated myself to a Fluted barrel for my R93 .308 giving me the option of the already owned .243 or the .308.
    As there were none on the shelf at the time I had it made at the Blaser factory and shipped to me, at quite a considerable cost I might add, and after a three month wait it arrived so not in time for the winter trips for pigs.
    It has had two groups of three rounds put through it to zero and I have since shot three Deer with it so really it is still as new.
    The new price is well over 1k and as this is 'as new' I would be willing to sell it for 850.00 that is still a big loss for me.
    It is standard weight, fluted, blue steel, threaded 15x1 with spigot and comes with the magazine and thread protector, just as you would get if bought new.
    So for sale 850.00 or sensible offer
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    This is open to sensible offers :-)

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    As I have both a .308 and a .243 fluted barrels with one R93 model black chassis, I can offer either barrel for 850.
    Or an R93 in .308 or an R93 in .243 for 1500.00.
    Both barrels are sporter profile, fluted and threaded by the factory at 15 x 1 spigot with protectors and each comes with a magazine.
    The wood is grade four and very nice but doesn't affect the shooting, it's a Blaser ;-)
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    The prices I have quoted above are being offered to me by an RFD so I guess the price is quite reasonable.
    The rifle is the Black model and complete with either .243 or .308 fluted barrel is for sale at 1500.00 or either single barrel sold separately at 850.00 each.

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    Can you post pictures please

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    Attachment 69688Attachment 69685Attachment 69686Attachment 69687
    Hopefully these pictures will come out, picture No 3 shows the thread protector open slightly to show that it is threaded.
    It has the factory thread of 1 x 15 spigot.
    This can be sold as a .308 or a .243, both barrels are fluted and comes with the Blaser 'spanner' to attach or detach the barrel .
    Or either barrel can be sold separately for 850.00
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    Quote Originally Posted by gg33 View Post
    Great rifle , tempted!
    Go on you know you want to ;-)
    Your choice .243 or .308 this set up new would cost you 3317.00 with three months waiting time for the fluted barrel.
    At 1500.00 this is a steal, if you want to see me cry buy it now.

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    Eddie, I already have one but I'm tempted by a black in 308. I'll stew it over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gg33 View Post
    Eddie, I already have one but I'm tempted by a black in 308. I'll stew it over.
    I've heard the saying ' Once you've tried a Black you won't go back' so there you have it ;-)

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