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Thread: Disinfectant wipes.

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    Disinfectant wipes.

    Hi guys,could anybody please tell me where i can purchase some wipes that will fit into my belt pack,preferably the ones in a sealed plastic container?
    Cheers JOHN

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    Tesco do packs of 15, they are Dettox ones.

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    I got mine off ebay - search for 'probe wipes' or 'disinfecting wipes'. They came as a pack of six with about a hundred wipes in each small plastic dispenser box.

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    The Dettox ones are good for cleaning tools off, but a bit small.
    Have a look in you local farm supply shop (Mole Valley, Scats, etc..) for Dairy Teat Wipes.
    They come in bucket size containers (which obviously won't fit on your belt pack!) but can be folded into resealable plastic bags/ tupperware containers. They are even big enough to lay your tools out on!

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    Lidl - they do the normal size ones and also giant ones (open up to about A3 size). I buy them all the time.

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    Stalkers UK do the wipes,spray and gel under the Camp Casey brand ( birchwood casey) in their Larder section

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    Re- Disinfectant wipes

    Cheers,everyone,Got sorted,Many Thanks.
    ATB John

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    Sorry for the late reply, but you could try Premi Wipes:

    I normally use the supermarket handy wipes to clean my blade after the gralloch and to wipe my hands. Then I'll use a Premi-wipe to clean the blade again.

    Hope this helps

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    Why whats wrong with a hand full of grass/moss to clean your knife ,people seem to get way above the mark with the hygiene in the field thing, then put the carcass into a sack carry it about for another 2 hours stalking on there back take it back to the vehicle put in in a container of some sort then go back out stalking .

    Hygiene is great in the processing area but have you ever stopped to think, what the carcass goes through before it actually gets there, were worried about cleaning a blade and your hands thats all fine but think about the bigger picture .
    The carcass dragged for a couple of miles.
    The roe sack it's in .
    The vehicle you transport it in.

    Ive seen all sorts in pictures supplied on web sites by the members, what Ive never seen is a carcass ever hanging in a refrigerated vehicle, or anyone with a white coat or apron on or any other hygienic clothing .

    Theres no need to have a fit or bash the keyboard these are my observations, Ive done more than enough AW stalks, seen what people do, how carcasses are dealt with , this isn't only with deer it's also with in abattoirs, not everything is pristinely clean that also goes for the retail outlets it sold in .

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    Wipes my !!!!. I`m with you on this one widows son. I carry some cleaning gear in the motor but hells teeth we will be walking around like surgeons if we followed all "best practice advice"

    Maybe one of the problems nowadays with infections etc is that from a very young age the kids are just getting too clean!!

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