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Thread: Estate gun sales / transfer

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    Estate gun sales / transfer

    Hi all,
    I hold several guns for my place of work and they now want to get rid of them all, I have my own permissions where I control vermin ect with my 17hmr, But the thing im thinking of is buying some of the estate guns that are already on my firearms cert.
    The estate guns are Two .243's a .22lr, and a firearms air rifle, plus some shotguns but these are no that much of an issue.

    The 243's are listed for deer and zeroing but I would like have one for myself and have open to foxes as well, they can sell the other 243. I have my DSC1 so there should be no issue in me keeping the 243 hopefully.
    I am also looking at the 22lr for myself as I have my own 17hmr setup for night shooting and the 22lr would be handy for day shooting plus we have some temperamental neighbors on my land as the hmr isn't the quietest on rabbits.

    Would it be a simple case of contacting the fao and asking for the fox to be added and inform the change of storage to my address rather than the estates ? plus the sales of other guns off my cert

    Thanks Paul

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    It'll be likely down to the old question of good reason to possess I should say in the long run.

    Not sure of the full circumstances here. I assume from what you say, you possess these firearms, they are on your certificate and you use them on the estate as part of your job. If that's the case and you still will, then it's just ownership that is altering and I would venture to suggest that no variation is required. If they aren't to be used on that estate, then you will in the long run have to be able show good reason for possessing each one in your possession. It will also make a difference if you have an open certificate or not. Any conditions on your certificate for each rifle may also have a bearing.

    I doubt anyone could give a definitive answer from the facts as presented on here. It may be as well if you have a chat with someone knowledgeable in your police firearms licensing office to clarify matters, who will have the details of your certificate on a screen in front of them. Depending on how busy, how behind and how contactable they are of course these days.

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    Thanks for your reply, I will no longer be using it on the estate itself but I do have my own permission and will be using it for stalking. I will contact the firearms dept Monday.

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