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Thread: Recommendations for a target some for a 22lr

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    Recommendations for a target some for a 22lr

    I currently have a Burris Fullfield II 6.5-20 with the E Plex reticle on my .22lr which I use for rabbits and a lot of longer range target practice. The problem I'm having is that the turrets aren't proper tactical turrets and are a bit fiddly to use and after a complete turn it is very hard to keep track of where the turret is set. Also I've run out of elevation on the turrets bu 140m. The reticle is great for using holdover but I prefer to dial in so I'm looking for a replacement scope.

    Can anyone recommend a good scope at the lower end of the budget that will be reliable enough to allow accurate dialling and have a fine enough reticle to shoot rabbit sized targets at extended ranges? From a search online a Nikko Sterling Targetmaster in 6-24 seems to meet the requirements but is it good enough and worth the 250 new? Ideally (an American) Zeiss Conquest would be great but think it's a bit out my budget even secondhand although if I sell the Burris that would then be ok.

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    not target turrets but ok for dialling the hawke sport ir hd i have on my rimmie 22 for five plus years no need for the ir, was perfect night and day,from your feet to over hundred clear and crisp,you can pick one up for 100 quid or so ,ps the ret, is fine too,

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    Nikon P-22 comes in 2-7x35, and has 50 yard parallax, but works well at 100 and further with .22 LR, with tactical turrets in MOA and in LR drops, which you can change out per your preference, on sale now for $129.00.

    Nikon P-223 comes in 3-9x40 and 4-12x40 with BDC reticles and nice external turrets, resettable to zero, your choice for $199.00.
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    I'm the wrong person to ask. I have a PMII on my Finnfire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by long_range_rob View Post
    I'm the wrong person to ask. I have a PMII on my Finnfire.
    If only the funds allowed!

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    A Vortex if you can get a S/H one, alternatibely look at The Deben range and get a Mil dot one, no need to dial then, use 50 yds zero and 1 mild dot at 75 yds and two at 100, you will not be very far off (Eley subs). In my case with Eley subs, 50 yd zero drop at 100 is approx 7" which is 2 mil dots at 10x For info adult bunnies ears are 3.5" tall and doesnt varry v much if you dont have a rangefinder.


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    A Vortex is the top choice as I have one on my 243 but I don't think I can afford even a second hand one for the .22

    I've used mil dots before and although quick and effective I like sitting in the highseat and dialling in on rabbits as I have the time to do so.

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    I was using a mates falcon optics m18 4-18x44 on a 22lr recently and I was quite impressed with it.
    It's a ffp reticle but it's still fine enough for accurate shots at longer range.
    His had mil dots with hash marks in between which were good and it also has tactical turrets with around 86 moa of adjustment.
    I thought it was good value at 270

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    With bunnies no point I have a 3-9 x56 with mil dots and a drop chart on my stock just ping it and select correct dot and dead, just automatic now. V good when on the lamp. Simple.


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    Try a Hawke Airmax sf 30. Great value. Good build quality. Tactical turret and good or reticle.
    I have had one for a while. Always returns to zero after dailing in.

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