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Thread: Foxing scope

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    Foxing scope

    Any recommendations for a new foxing scope with target type turrets

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    Zeiss 6 - 24 x 56mm............Not cheap but unbeatable

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    Personally I would have a Nightforce NXS

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    Ior valdada 10x fixed tactical with an MP-8 reticle..

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    I have a nightforce 3.5-15/50 with the np2dd ret.

    Plonk that dot on what you want to shoot and away you go! Excellent at night

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    Sightron S-TAC 2.5-17.5 x 56 - tactical turrets, great glass, side focus, great illuminated reticle plus, when you get into Night vision, it's the best scope for an add-on NV unit



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    more info needed

    Lamping or NV add on?

    I have a sightron 3-10x56 with a fire dot style IR on my .222 now
    really like the glass and side parallax is very sharp, has real range

    not sure I need the 56 and find it a bit bulky
    if I find one with a x50 and a bit more mag with the same IR it will be perfect

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    Well that's narrowed your search.

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    You will be a bit challenged to play with the turrets whilst out foxing.

    I have never had time to range find them when under the lamp or with NV (not sure how you could do it with NV) and not sure I could read the turrets anyway.

    All my scopes have turrets on them for the range and the hill, but I have never used the turrets whilst foxing.

    3600fps tends to do away with the need for them out to 240 yds anyway.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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