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Thread: Poisoning in Oxfordshire

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    Poisoning in Oxfordshire

    Was down at my folks last week and took the dogs for a favourite walk in near by woods along the ridgeway path. There was a notice posted on a tree advising that the posters dogs were seriously ill after eating poisoned bait in the woods.

    Its sickening. We lost our last dog to the same poisoning ten years ago, and at the same time several others also lost dogs according to our local vet.

    There are a lot of red kites about and you have to ask yourself why somebody is stupid enough to put out poison baits - it's illegal, cruel and does to engender fieldsports and country folk to the wider masses.

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    Agree that it's not the correct thing to do, however, perhaps if we were given the rites to control the population of any species that gets out of control then people wouldn't be driven to doing this sort of thing? There are so many species that I can think of that it's illegal to control for no reason other than it is a bird of prey, it is pretty or a children's story was written about it! Ridiculous!
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    Is the bait definitely intended for BoP? On a well known footpath (actually a disused railway line that has been paved) near me there has been regular poisoning over the last few years. Each time it's been cocktail sausages stuffed with slug or rat poison. No one seems to be 100% sure who or why they're doing it but it appears that dogs are the one being targeted rather than any other species.

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    Are u sure the posters are correct Heym?
    Could it not be somoen just wanting to stir up trouble? Show shooting in a bad light? (is there even a shoot nearby?)

    I always find it strange how fellow shooters are often the 1st to jump to conclusions with things like this.

    Keepering has changed massively in past 20 or so years and a poisoned BoP is actually pretty uncommon now, sure scottish offical police figures are down to almost single figures most years now.

    If someone is putting bait out they should be caught and charged, and it does no good for fieldsports in gneral esp close to footpaths. But they're may be other explantions for it even if poison as i doubt most keepers are stupid enough to do it now

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    The poisoning does not have to be deliberate. A stalker left the gralloch from a fallow 25 metres from my front door. A day or so after my dogs had found it one of them started passing blood with her stools. It was a campylobacter infection and it was touch and go, but she survived after 500 pounds of Vets bills and a week on a drip at the vets. Extremely worrying.

    It was just bad practice and thoughtlessness on behalf of the stalker, but the result was just as dangerous as the poisoned bait possibility.

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    Well the previous poisoning that got our dog ten years ago was correct - a local gamekeeper ended up in jail for poisoning red kites and his boss fined heavily. And this is in the same place again which just made me sad. Yes it might be somebody trying to stir up trouble, but there is a difference between eating rotten meat and total liver failure from poisoning. Certainly in our case ten years ago our vet was confident it was deliberate poisoning, and seen a number of other local dogs with the same symptoms. Final stage was a cute liver failure and bleeding from every orifice. Not pleasant in the slightest. The description of the symptoms on the poster was pretty much the same.

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    If people keep their dogs on leads walking down The Ridgeway and not letting them run into woods that are private there will not be a problem

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    Definately doesnot sound a nice experience for u or ur dog.
    Wot poison did they reckon it was to cause total liver failure and bleeding from every oriffice??

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    Sadly dogs die every year at numerous locations in the country
    due to mystery illnesses, poisoning, or picking up viruses, E coli, blue green algae
    etc.Often they baffle the experts.
    should not always jump to conclusion unless proven.
    owners need to watch what their dogs are doing all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geordieh View Post
    If people keep their dogs on leads walking down The Ridgeway and not letting them run into woods that are private there will not be a problem
    It doesnt really defend those responsible but you do have a valid point there!

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