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    Does anyone use a lever action 30-30 for deer stalking?

    Would be interesting to hear any deer stalking experiences with this calibre that has such a cult following in the US.

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    Try PMing LegalEagle69 (Rob) - he has a lever action .30-30 that he was intending to stalk with at some point. Not sure if he's back from NZ yet so replies might be slow. I assume you'd have to reload to get deer legal velocity, as the standard factory loads sit just below at around 2,300fps

    I quite fancy a Marlin .45/70 Govt lever action after using one at Minsterley last year - it would make a nice running boar gun.


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    My first rifle was a 30-30 lever action. It was a very quick handling gun and ideal for work up to 100 yrds. Though now with the new Hornady Leverevolution ammo this has become more powerful and accurate proposition. I took a few whitetails with mine, all dropped pretty much where shot if I remember correctly. If you are recoil sensitive, many guns chambered for 30-30 kick well beyond what you would expect. It's definitely not a gallery rifle round.

    As far as a pig gun in 45-70 is concerned I chose a Baikal double rifle in 45-70. With 325gr Leverevolution handloads it shoots touching groups without any regulating of the barrels. H&H eat your heart out!

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    Sorry cannot help with lever guns but I have stalked using the 30-30 cartidge but with a bolt action rifle using the 130 Grn Hornady bullet loaded to just over 2800fps and it drops them just fine thank you.

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    I have a friend in Canada who has a 30-30 under lever for his saddle gun and reckons it good on Moose up to 100m, (he always was a bit of an old cowboy tho, )

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    I saw two in use during the foot and mouth outbreak, used for culling cattle. Very effective, but as Lew Potter points out in his book on deer management, you would get some raised eyebrows from the traditionalists if seen stalking with a "cowboy" gun. It might be worth it, just to raise a few eyebrows!!

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    I have killed most of my deer with a 30-30. It is a great deer round. I have owned several bolt actioned rifles in this chambering (...and covet Brit's), several single shots, and many lever guns. I currently have both Marlin and Winchester lever guns in this caliber. If it wasn't for your silly velocity requirements you might have seen a higher degree in popularity over there.~Muir

    PS: For many years I carried a 16.5" barreled Winchester M-1894 as a bear deterrent. Loaded with 190 grain FN bullets at 1850 fps I counted on penetration. Still have the rifle!

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    Well when or if your over drop me a line and I am sure your can try it out ........................ my little ole 30-30 that is. Pity it's a long was from Jay's though.

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    30-30 is quite popular over here, but the bush is very thick here and steep so l/a rifle is handy, easy to carry and use, especially when your on hands and knees going up/coming down public tracks
    I used to have 357 and 44 Marlins in U.K,wish I never sold them
    I am looking for 357/44 and 45-70 Marlins and s/hand they are like hens teeth (Kim thinks I desperatly need them ),but 30-30 are always available,new or s/hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Well when or if your over drop me a line and I am sure your can try it out ........................ my little ole 30-30 that is. Pity it's a long was from Jay's though.
    I'd hate to get my DNA all over it. Might start a bonding process that would leave me miserable for the rest of my life.
    Tis a pity that you're a long way off from Jay's. I'm still planning on getting over there asap.~Muir

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