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Thread: ATA Arms Turqua rifle?

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    ATA Arms Turqua rifle?

    I was at a hunting fair in Odense, Denmark last weekend. While I was there I spoke to a salesman for the Danish importer of ATA Arms, who was telling me about their new rifle (costing around 500) that he was expecting to get a few examples of in October. I know very little about the company, but I know their shotguns have quite a good reputation.

    Seemingly this will be the first Turkish made bolt action rifle (though I'm not sure how true this claim is... Turk Mauser - Models )

    I think it looks quite interesting, and subtly different in design to most other rifles. It will be interesting to see if it's a success or not anyway

    Click for a bigger photo.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    How marketing people love to forget history. Turkey had a large arsenal at Ankara and there they made many thousands of Mauser 98 rifles under licence. Of course the Mauser 98 is a turn bolt action rilfe. There is quite a groups of collectors for Turkish Mausers in the US and even forums dedicated to them.

    That new one has a odd design to the stock that is for sure. Wonder how it feels in the hands? Not sure I like the trigger guard as it looks like a thin strip of bent metal and it looks cheap. The actual rifle may of course look different close up.

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