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Thread: .300 Winchester Magnum once-fired brass wanted

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    .300 Winchester Magnum once-fired brass wanted

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    i might have a couple of hundred of norma made new at what i paid for them which was 45 plus carriage if thats any good.


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    Adam, I've got a bit of .300 win mag brass floating around, i'll look it out tomorrow and let you know what there is, I can't tell you how many times its been used and it will be a couple of makes so you'll have to sort through it. Send me your address and I'll post it to you. I don't want anything for it but you can bung a quid or two into an appropriate charity box to cover the postage. JC

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    i might have a couple of hundred of norma made new at what i paid for them which was 45 plus carriage if thats any good.

    sorry i should of said per 100

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    If Adam doesn't want them all I'll have 100 - obviously he has first refusal, etc.


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    I have the following if any use

    51 unfired Winchester

    101 once fired Winchester

    20 once fired Remington

    60 plus postage at cost if interested



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    These are available to anyone who wants them due to the original poster not having the courtesy to reply.

    Anyone intrested can now have them at 50 plus postage.



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    Adam, sorry to hear about your father, don't envy you that situation, try and keep your chin up. I posted that brass earlier in the week so it should be with you anytime soon. Best wishes, JC

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    Give it a good check over once its nice and clean as some cases may have been fired a few times but never with hot loads. JC

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    Sorry to hear your fathers condition has worsened, my thoughts are with you and please refresh my memory. EXACTLY WHERE DOES A MONKEY STUFF ITS NUTS. Keep smiling mate, speak to you soon.


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