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Thread: Swaro reticule change

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    Swaro reticule change

    I have just emailed swarovski but folk on here might have the answer first.
    Is it possible (massively expensive?) to change the reticule on swarovski habicht scopes?
    I have 2 swaro scopes so 2 options
    Option 1. 3x12-50 habicht. 30mm tube. 1st focal. 4nk ret. - can i have the ret changed to the tds-4i?
    Option 2. 6x18-50 av habicht. 25mm tube. 2nd focal. tds ret. Can i have this changed to the illuminated tds-4i?


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    I can't comment on price of what you want but interestingly my German friend has an old habicht (fixed power) scope which he can illuminate by unscrewing the elevation cap and screwing on a different (Genuine Swarovski) cap which illuminates the crosshair.

    I'm not sure how it works or if it was ever available in the UK but I've found a picture of the scope (less the illuminated cap unfortunately) which may give you an idea if one of your scopes would be suitable for one if these items are still available.

    His scope is certainly a good age now but as expected still functions perfectly, I can email him to try and get a picture of the illumination cap/drum albeit he isn't the best at checking his emails.Click image for larger version. 

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    Well i have the illumination cap on the 3x12x50 scope.......I'll try it on the 6x18x50 not convinced but lets see!

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    No, no luck im afraid. The illumination turret dont fit the 6x18 scope.
    You can see the top of the turret needs to have the part for the illumination cap to connect too (gold bit on top of the 3x12) too.
    Thanks anyway.....worth a try

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    Sell it, buy the one you want

    prohibitively expensive

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    I don't know about Habicht scopes but I do know it is possible in the Z6 as I had one done, cost was not cheap at 208

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