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Thread: A Goodweekend Turned Sour

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    A Goodweekend Turned Sour

    This weekend i had invited Geoff Parsons from Kent and Sussex Deer control aka Scraggoak down with his lovely wife Lesley for a stalk and some Fly fishing but we had a bad end to a perfect few days.Friday Geoff got to my place at 2.ish pm where we unloaded his Truck had a cuppa and i had cooked lunch for them so we sat down and over the meal we planned the weekend,Geoff had never grass a Roe in the United Kingdom before so i was on a mission lol,Friday afternoon i took him to my new high seat which as yet i have never been in only when it was put up i got him sorted in the seat and left him to it after letting him know where the Roe Buck would most likely appear, i then drove off to 8 fields away and parked on the edge of a wood to see if i could grass a Buck aswell. It was only an hour or so and i could see 4 Roe behind the hedge where Geoff was sat so i called him on the Radio to let him know to keep a look out, i saw 7 or 8 Roe but all to far away from me to get a shot, the hours passed and no action so 7.50 pm i called Geoff on the Radio and said i was coming to get him as it was cold , i drove to the seat and to my surprise Geoff was getting down from the seat and he told me he had just shot a Buck i laughed and said yeah yeah ok , he said i have but i thought he was just messing we got him out of the seat and he said we better go pick up the Deer but he also said it had run off without any affect of being hit by a 308 150 grain bullet from 50 yards away, that made me think he was still messing so i humoured him and drove to the top of the field i told Geoff that if the Buck has run it would probably have gone out through the corner of the field well Geoff was off like a sent hound over the Sheep netting and out through the double hedge by this time i knew he was serious about the Buck, it was getting dark so i grabbed my torch and went after Geoff i picked up a Blood trail and called Geoff but he was gone in hot persuit of his Buck.Geoff shouted back to me that he had found it and we were both surprised to find it some 120/125 yards from where he had shot it after getting the Buck back to my Truck Geoff had to Gralloch it in the dark while i held the torch i was very pleased that Geoff had managed to grass his first ever English Roe Deer and Geoff was chuffed aswell.


    Day 2 we got up early to go fly Fishing some 80 miles away to North Devon it was a cold morning of 2/3 degrees the first thing Geoff done after getting in my Truck was to put the window down but then it would not go back up so after trying about 30 fuses we had not cured the problem so we wrapped up warm and carried on to the fishing spot all the way both Geoff and i kept trying to get the window to go up with no success it was bloody freezing all the way Geoff said it was like riding a motor bike around the TT course lol .We arrived at the fishery and just as we drove into the drive after battling through rain sleet hail stones and winds the window went back up sods law.As we drove down the track we saw a few Red Deer and not 50 yards away stood 2 big Hinds we watched them for a minute or 2 then went fishing, there were Trout moving all around the water but very hard to get a take , it rained it snowed more Hail stones and after thrashing the water to a Foam we jacked it in i ended up with 4 Brown Trout and Geoff managed to get 1 so off home cold and wet. Saturday evening i took them both out for a Meal and to my discussed i went to pay for the evening only to find Geoff had payed without me knowing so he got a Bollicking as it was supposed to be my treat to them for being perfect hosts to me for 2 years in Sussex when i have been up there Stalking with Geoff , we got home watched a bit of TV then off to bed as i was taking Geoff for an early Stalk om my new Permission we had put most of our gear into my Truck Saturday night so as not to forget anything in the morning, i got up at 3.45 am took my dog out only to find that right outside my window some one had broken into it and stolen most of our Stuff 3 pairs of Binoculars range finders, Geoffs Harkila suit and a few other bits and pieces a real Pisser as it stopped us Stalking and we had to wait for the Police to come and do what they do.It was a really bad end to what has been a great weekend i feel sorry for Geoff because he has lost his gear aswell as mine but nothing we can do now only hope it turns up some where or another and we get it returned.

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    I feel for you mate what an end to a great weekend,atb doug,

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    what bloody ba*@ards ah, hope the police catch the thieving gets. still, least he got his first Roe buck in this country?

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    Cant be many ways to shift that much shooting gear check eBay, Gumtree and face book selling pages doubt they're that bright be a better end if you stalk them. Good luck

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    Unbelievable they need there fingers chopping off.
    I hope you both manage to get your gear back.

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    Nice write up, but not good ending as you say. Sounds as though they new what they were after, hope you are successfull on the equipments return.


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    Sorry to read the last bit of your write up! I really hope you all get your gear back and the person or people who did this get caught. Regards SBM

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    Nice right up until the last paragraph, with the title I was expecting a deer or fish of the dreams got away, not some thieving scumbags knicking all of your kit. I hope your insurance covers you? Not that that will help with the sentimentality of gear that we have.

    I had a road bike stolen from central London once, outside of Marble Arch. 100% found my bike (custom parts on it) on Gumtree a week later. Police would do sod all about it as Gumtree will not release sellers details to the police. I hope you do manage to get it back though.

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    I would add that your other post has been deleted by my colleague. I should point out that the police patrol this and other sites and my advice is to keep your council on this subject on an open forum as anyone can read it.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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