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Thread: Nikko sterling game king

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    Nikko sterling game king

    Anybody had one of these offerings from Nikko Sterling .They seem to be part of the Howa, dream it build it range.
    A good friend of mine has one , it looks ok, illuminated reticule, its a vari power 3-12 x 56 so it looks like it should pull the light in, and its nitrogen purged.

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    The reason they are offered as part of the Howa build is that the same importer brings both in I think you will find. Do some web reseach and you may well find the later Nikko Stirling scopes may have the bells and whistles but they are not made especially well unlike the originals from Nikko Stirling. A bit od searching on these foums brought this thread up: ..................

    Have a read for yourself.

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