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Thread: A weekend with Owen aka The Stalker

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    A weekend with Owen aka The Stalker

    A Weekend with Owen aka the Stalker

    Friday morning saw me loading the car for a weekend with Owen aka the Stalker
    With Guns, fishing gear, the dog, the wife, on board we headed west to Somerset arriving around 2pm.
    We sat for a hour chatting then Owen served up a lovely shepherds pie and baked cauliflower.
    At 5.30 pm we made our way to one of his permissions and I had the pleasure of sitting in Owens new High seat, I climbed up and made myself comfortable and I must say it was a real pleasure to sit on my own and watch the world go by.
    I spotted two Roe in the distance then my attention was drawn to a pair of long tailed tits in the hedgerow below me. The silence was broken when the radio cracked into life and it was Owen reporting that three Roe were making their way towards me and to be ready, I waited in anticipation but they did not show.
    As the sun began to set casting long shadows across the fields a Hare popped out of the woods and made its way towards me.
    Pheasants were going up to roost and it began to get dark, Owen came on the radio and asked if I had seen any deer to which I said no so he said he would Pick me up in ten minutes, I had just put the radio back in my pocket when a Roe walked slowly up the field to my left, I needed the binoculars to make sure it was a Buck, I slowly lifted the rifle Into position and gave a little grunt the Buck stopped and looked towards me at a distance of 50yds I took aim and sent a 150gn soft point into his boiler room and to my surprise he ran off and vanished into the woods, no sound of a strike no reaction to shot,
    My first thoughts were this is going to be embarrassing, then I wonder if I had hit an overhanging branch, then I thought no I could not have missed him from 50 yards.
    Just then Owen arrived we loaded the gear into his truck and went to look for the buck
    And found him about 120 yards from where I shot him, the bullet placement was good
    And had taken out both lungs but still he had run off as if nothing was wrong,
    You can read about the rest of the weekends activity in Owens write up so I will not repeat it.
    Thanks Owen for your hospitality we both had a great weekend such a shame it ended as it did, we look forward to your visit here in Sussex some time before Christmas.

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    Geoff it was my pleasure to have you down here and you are welcome any time.It was a bad ending to the weekend but i am on the case and have a name watch this space all i am saying.

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    A couple of hours night vision bunny bashing relieves the stress of any crap day. Sitting 80-100 yards off a warren with your .22 moderated rimmy and take your pick.

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    Great write up Geoff as usual.
    well done on the buck.

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