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Thread: And the Tables Turn !

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    And the Tables Turn !

    This is apparently very close to a beach in Lisbon, Portugal. Pretty scary if you're just out for a pleasant walk with your dog

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    Lucky dog, could have been a far worse outcome. The owner sounded like his a*s* was knitting buttons . Lucky the piggies could understand Portuguese language.

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    Saw this on FB and thought what a tosser, he should have started shouting and getting involved a lot quicker in my opinion, a few shots wouldn't have gone amiss either.

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    he climbs the tree but leaves the terrier!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    he climbs the tree but leaves the terrier! nice
    Anybody that would behave like that doesn't deserve to have a dog. If I wrote here what I think of him I think it would be censored :-(

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    A fellow rifle club member was telling me the other evening of his brother who was recently walking two dogs close to home just outside Coleford when the dogs disturbed a couple of sows. The sows ended up attacking both the walker and the two dogs. The younger dog ran home shaken but unharmed but the older dog was badly cut resulting in a 250 vet bill to stitch her up. The sows which were relatively small knocked the chap off his feet and were charging him from both sides simultaneously hitting both his legs and torso fortunately he finally managed to beat them off and made good his escape though badly bruised.

    However he described the experience as "fighting for his life like he was on the ground outside The Eagle in Coleford on a Saturday night".
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I hadn't realised that the boar could be that aggressive without significant provocation. That's it the dog stays in the car when I try for boar... In fact I reckon that I'll stay in car too!

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    And this gentlemen is further evidence in support of my firmly held belief that pigs are not to messed with lightly!! A wounded or grumpy pig is a most unpleasant creature to be in close proximity to and if you like your legs and dog in one piece, use plenty of gun!

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    A sow is very dangerous because there are usually little ones somewhere nearby.

    When I was a boy, my brother and a friend were playing in a big creek, swinging on vines from a high bank to the other side, or dropping into the water. A bunch of shoats heard the splashing and came running to play, with the sow close behind. We climbed the vines and hung on while she fought three brave dogs, and left mine for dead (he recovered).

    My aunt was almost killed in a similar situation years before when she ran to a creek where wild boar were drinking and frightened the little ones. A sow grabbed her by the leg and shook her. My father saved her by throwing a large rock and knocking the sow almost unconscious, then grabbing his sister and carrying her to the house. She fully recovered, but had about twenty stitches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    Anybody that would behave like that doesn't deserve to have a dog. If I wrote here what I think of him I think it would be censored :-(
    Understand your thoughts on this , maybe he didn't have much time. whole different ball game climbing a tree under pressure of getting gouged by that lot.

    Seems awful quick to judge we are !!!

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