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Thread: Hornady SST replacement

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    Hornady SST replacement

    So I have a 257 Weatherby shooting 117sst's at 3215 (avg) speed. The gun was build as a long range tool for a little project I am planning. However due to circumstances it has become my main deer gun.

    I have taken 4 deer and 3 foxes with it. Three of the deer had straight through wounds with little or no expansion (70-120 yds) and a golf all sized exit, one had the round blow up leaving a massive surface wound but little penetration. Of the foxes (120 -160yds) two were basically a sack of water and one again had the bullet blow up.

    My guess is the round is being driven to hard and the quarry being shot too close. I cannot justify continuing to use these at short range so - what would the forum recomend as a replacement weighing roughly the same but better for out to 160yds?
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    Barnes TTSX should reduce your meat damage. Partitions or accubonds would also be worth trying. Some useful info on here

    .257 Weatherby Magnum
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