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Thread: T3= fallow

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    T3= fallow

    Went to my permission at 4-0-clock today with my new T3 in .308 ( new to me) only the third time out and the fourth deer down so very happy.
    Stalked through the wood as I had seen a nice spiker last week but he saw me first.
    This time I went real slow but nothing about. Ended up in a nice enclosed high seat and settled in.
    Last weekend I had two Muntjac from it so was quietly confident. The high seat has a large field behind and a smaller one in front, about 140 yds across, saw two young fallow at the woodland edge but left them till autumn, then a (spiker) walked along the edge but too far in to take a shot.
    after 3/4 hour they came back, again just in the wood but too much foliage in front for a clean shot. Luckily he stretched up and presented a perfect neck shot, not what I would usually go for but it was perfect. Turns out he was an old un going back so a perfect cull buck.
    Cheers Steve.

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    Looks like you had fun Steve. Not too sure about it being an old one though? That buck is 10-11 months old! To give you an idea, the buck that you have there weighs 23kg give or take larder weight. A mature fallow buck can go to 90kg so even one going back would weigh 60kgs +. Your youngster will taste much better though!
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