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Thread: Boot polishing deer leg bone???

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    Boot polishing deer leg bone???

    Odd question!!
    I've been asked today if I can supply a deer leg bone to polish and restore a farmers wife's hunting boots!
    I've found them for sale so it is true that they are used.
    Does anyone know which species and particular bone is best?
    How is it treated?

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    Tibia (shin) I believe...

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    Red hind tibia are preferable I believe - larger size, flatter surface. Make sure that boot trees are used, and that the boots are made of wax, not box, calf leather.

    Full details (including DVD!) available here:

    Deer Bones For Wax Calf Horace Batten

    Or, for a better class of bone:

    John Lobb Ltd Online Store

    We ran a CA Quiz night some years ago and had a number of curious objects that the audience had to guess the use of. This one defeated most.
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    like Willie says red is best Horace batten used to live in the next village sad!y passed a short while ago think he was over 100 .his business lives on !

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    Yes red deer supplied them to a hunt ,once upon a time, treatment don't know just got an order for front legs they took them as they were and dealt with them themselves.

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    I have supplied a couple for this purpose in the past. Don't recall being asked for a specific species just a large cannon bone.

    Once I gave the person a red and a roe and they were very pleased to have a 'set'. I simply boiled them out and peroxided them.

    I believe the tradition came from Stag Hunting.

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    Is this akin to the method of spooning military boot toecaps for getting the high gloss shine?

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    Fallow work just as well, the Old feller used to give them to our local huntsman in the 50's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    Is this akin to the method of spooning military boot toecaps for getting the high gloss shine?
    Any knuckle bone or with a rounded smooth end will do the same job as the good old fashioned spoon did for thousands of soldiers in the past.

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    They're used to rub scratchea in the leather surface back in, from briers or the like.
    Put a fair bit of polish in/around the scratch and then rub in with the bone. Have done it numerous times myself with the places I've ended up!!

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