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Thread: Fallkniven f1

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    Fallkniven f1

    Morning chaps, I'm after a fallkniven f1. I've had an old one for a long time now but left it on the bonnet of my Landy and now it's somewhere between here and my stalking ground. Looked for it for a couple of hours but think someone's picked it up.
    So, anyone have one they don't mind parting with?

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    I have an S1 in excellent condition if interested.

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    I have a Fallkniven F1 with a custom JRE Industries sheath that I'm not using and could sell.

    I'm shooting straight from work tonight but I'll post some photos after.

    Are you after the complete package or just the knife?

    Speak to you soon,


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    sounds great! i doubt if id use the sheath to be honest. but look forward to seeing it tonight!

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    If Jeff's falls through for any reason I'm pretty sure I've got one floating around I might part with. Has leather dangly sheath.


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    Thanks joe, I've pm'd you

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    Please find attached the link to the photos, sorry for the delay.

    If you're not after the sheath my knife might not be right for you as there's a bit of money in the sheath.

    Best regards,


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