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Thread: Swaro scope how many clicks?

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    Swaro scope how many clicks?

    Lost all my data sheets so the question is - how far does each click move the POI on a Swarovski Habicht 2.2-9 x 42 scope.

    If I'm rememberising well it is 6mm per click - any more offers?


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    Orion, I have a Habicht on my .223, I seem to remember the legend on the turret adjuster is 7mm per click @ 100. Steve.
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    A quarter inch at 100yrds for the old skool
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    Hi Orion
    I have just checked my data sheets and for your scope 2.2 x 42, it is 1 click = 6mm @ 100m or in old money 1click =1/4 inch @ 100yds.
    Hope this is of some use to you

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