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Thread: Parker Hale Pro Stalker

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    Parker Hale Pro Stalker

    I purchased a Parker Hale .308 a little while back (on the spur of the moment) and then realised that it wasnt a Safari as I had assumed. After a quite long and almost fruitless search I was able to get it identified by Bill Smallwood at Norman Clark of Rubgy as

    Your gun is a Pro stalker with a Voure action and bolt. These were made approx between 1997 2000.

    Very few were made yours had a walnut stock but they also did a laminate stock version. The very last few had a Parker Hale shroud, trigger and safety catch but yours has the military trigger.

    Super to shoot and very accurate but I''m interested to know anyone's experience with such a rifle.


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    Could be mistaken but I think you mean "Voere"
    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrumbag View Post
    Could be mistaken but I think you mean "Voere"
    Quite likely, I just copied Bills email

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