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    I know this is sort of related to the Rimfie scope thread, but I have come across an 8x50 scope in great condition and am wondering is this would be too much scope on a rf, I had been searching for a 6x42 when this has been offered to me but not sure if it will give me the close in clarity i need?

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    In the end it is you that has to use it, not me, and so the question really is "would you be happy to use it on your rimfire?" If the answer is yes then just buy it. There are some good 8X50 scopes out there by the big, or relatively big, names so if you are buying good glass then even if you hate it you can probably sell it for what you paid for it. Given that if it is a "name" scope it is probably a relatively risk free thing to buy.

    I've shot deer from about 20 yards to about 250 yards with an 8X56 but your one problem if you are mostly shooting very close is that things might not be in very precise focus so worth looking through the scope and objects at rimfire range and seeing if you feel comfortable.

    It is your rifle and your scope so you tell me what suits you rather than me telling you :-)
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    +1 to the above. Try and have a look through it at the sort of ranges you are likely to use it and see if the image is sharp.


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    I reckon you'd struggle to head shoot a 10-15m bunny with that scope

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    I have five rimfires
    two 8x50 Nikko stirling (wmr and 22lr)
    one 3-9x44 nikko
    one 6x44 nikko
    one 3-9x56 walther

    its a fine mag in my opinion

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