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    Roe buck

    Well there I was charging down to Cornwall,to Woodford fallow stalking offered on site a week ago.
    I had spoke to Brian,previously and straight away I knew this guy had done his utmost to get me a nice buck,even before I got there,so Friday eve arrived at the b+b.
    Now I know Brian had been watching several deer for me,the guy even put up a few new high seats in a good spot,I was picked up Saturday morning before first light,I sat in the seat full of excitement,I saw my guide several times on the look out for any other bucks that may have moved,but nothing came out the wood work.
    Then we had a lovely walk round and Brian showed me some lovely bit of ground and seats, later we bumped into one of Brians farmer pals,who told him that a few deer had shown on his ground that morning.
    Brian decided a change of plan for the evening stalk,I had a cracking view out acroos the valley with the sea bay over the horizon,Brian had the higher seat abit away from the said sighting,what a gent,anyway you know how you look left,look right and nothing?then look right again,struth 2 roe out!!!
    Where /what things got a bit jittery as the buck and doe where not hanging about.
    He stopped for a second lowered his head and, Bang, reload,watch.
    the doe did a quick "U" turn back under the fence the buck no. surely the shot was good.
    Bri phoned any good? I was worried,I unloaded and got down from the seat,reloaded and walked up the fence,10 footy in there he was,dead.
    Brian did the drag and gralloch hes 62 you know,what a day,you can just make out the seat to the left of me against the wood.Great set up would recommend this guy to any one I am already booking up,my next trip..Thanks Brian my best buck so far,,,
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    very nice write up tony lovely ground as well,well done,

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    great write up and a lovely buck congratulations. Regards SBM

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