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    Drone 10x

    Anybody know a good video recorder to fit the armasight drone 10x

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    Quote Originally Posted by david leith View Post
    Anybody know a good video recorder to fit the armasight drone 10x

    These are pretty good...better than an angel eye

    FPV Pocket DVR | FirstPersonView

    I've got round how to mount it using

    One of these....just one of hundreds of choices (Quick to post and arrive though) me=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

    One of the pair of these.... the lever pivot pin is rubbish and very likely to fall out (how do I know that?) so I replaced it with a nut and bolt (as per pic 2 below)
    Quick Release Weaver/Picatinny Rifle scope mounts to fit both 25+30mm Scope Tube | eBay

    That's out of stock but would be worth asking him the question....these look similar and the extra height might be useful on the Drone
    20mm Weaver Rail Medium Profile Rifle scope mounts to fit 25 +30mm Scope Tube | eBay

    And a couple of slightly longer M4 button head screws from my local supplier...12mm sit just right one tightened up with no thread protruding on the inside.

    And for the Photon XT's/ of these 30mm tube ones (Having ordered 2 yesterday I've just realised that I've ordered 25mm tube ones...Merde!! About as much use as tits on a bull!)
    Scope Tube Accessory Rails ~ Weaver Picatinny Rail Ring Mount

    A couple of top quality Royal Mail elastic bands (short)

    To do...
    The 'scope ring is held onto the base with a pair of screws..... take the ring off, cut off the wings on the lower section to leave you a plate with 2 threaded holes in it.
    Drill a pair of 4mm holes through the base and through the hardcase when you've worked out where you want the case to sit - by putting the bracket in the net pocket side you give the DVR some protection from being scratched
    Ease out the screw sockets in the mount base to take the 7mm/7.5mm heads of the 15mm long button socket screws
    Bobs your uncle


    The switch on the side turns the DVR record function on and off... you don't need to have the DVR running all the time ready to record(nice touch that)... there is a vibrate to tell you it's on and recording. (The switch plugs into the Video out socket)

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