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Thread: Fallow buck

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    Fallow buck

    Looking for recommendations on here to shoot a decent,(medal sized) fallow buck as would just be a 1 off. Is there anyone/anywhere that folk on here would recommend? Are all medal sized bucks these days shot in parks? Appreciate any info!


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    If you want CIC medal it can not be from a park. Sorry I do not know of anyone offering Medal heads, but someone on here will.

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    Thanks for that! I remembered that they don't qualify if they're from a park. Ideally a medal sized wild animal but if not possible somewhere with decent park shooting? But wouldn't want it if it was a fish in a barrel type job.

    thanks again for the reply!

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    Try Derek Sealy Google Wiltshire Game in Tisbury ... He has some very big ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwerdty View Post
    Try Derek Sealy Google Wiltshire Game in Tisbury ... He has some very big ones
    Thanks! His website looks to be getting updated but i'll keep an eye on it.

    Surprised there hasn't been many suggestions on here. Are there few guides offering bigger bucks? I know if it was roe or red stalking there would have been tons of suggestions.

    Appreciate any info!


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    Charley Green in the Newforrest would be my bet for fallow.

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