My Computer packed up on me so I sent it off to HP to get it fixed and while it was gone I had a rush of blood and bought a new one. The old one was fixed at a cost of 175, new motherboard required, I had upgraded it to windows 10 which it didn't like and after about a year it killed the mother board. I did fire it up just to check all was well, which it was, and then restored it to factory condition.

Anyway it is an as new, HP 23 touchscreen all in one PC. It has a Windows 8 OS which is upgradeable to 8.1 for free via the MS website. 250 gig HD I think! 4 mb of ram, there is also a brand new wireless keyboard that goes with it and mouse. Also there is a collection of software, Microsoft office, photoshop elements etc.

250 collected, P&P extra if you want it posted.