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Thread: 7mm Rem mag

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    Thumbs up 7mm Rem mag


    Those using this calibre, can you advise on what loads you prefer and the performance you attain? Do many of you use factory ammo, and if so what brands-how easy is it to come by? Is there anything to steer well clear of? Any advice/opinions would be welcome.


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    I use 160gr accubond, I found anything less solidly constructed to be just too destructive.

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    Hi James,

    What animals are you planning to shoot? As a general rule I'd advise against light weight frangible bullets, depending on what you want to do with the round of course.

    In factory ammo I've found Hornady 162 SST superformance to be the best. Very accurate and devastating on animals. I didn't try much else in factory ammo, but my rifle didn't like the 139gr hornady interbonds (non SF version). Hornady's ELD-X ammo (Precision Hunter I think it's going to be called) should reach our shores soon, so this will replace the SST, but will be just as good and probably better. These should be available in 162 and 175gr versions for the 7mm RM, which will suit just about any need, and is what I'd go for if using factory loaded stuff.

    I've since started hand loading 162 Amax, and 168gr VLDs. I've only shot a few deer with the VLDs (Sika), and all were DRT. I've got some 140gr TTSXs to try out but have yet to load them up... Other bullets I plan to try are the heavy accubond LRs and Hornady ELD-Xs.

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    It'll be mainly for large reds and sika, mainly for high seat/static use for heavy forestry where animals need to be put down quickly. I expect to use it on boar as well in upcoming years. I have other rifles for roe. I think a bullet weight of around 160gn might be useful as it will fit into my current rifle selection well with that weight.

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    I generally use mine for mountain hunting, hence by selection of high BC frangible bullets. But the 162SSTs would certainly do the job your looking for. Hornady ammo is readily available too which is a bonus (just ask your gun shop to order it in, the central distributer always has it in stock in my experience). These bullets kill very well and have a huge wound channel and decent penetration. The biggest animal I've shot with them is a midasian ibex, and it left a fist size exit wound to give some sort of perspective. That was at 170yrds. If your tending to shoot your deer at closer ranges, and/or are finding the damage too severe take a look at Norma's 170gr Vulcan or 156gr Oryx. These should give good penetration and wide wounding on big animals at close range. Federal do load a 160gr partition I think, but I'm not sure whether they'd be available to order.

    If you hand load then obviously you have more options. But as well as the 162 SST I'd look at a 160/175gr partition, and a 175 ELD-X when it's out.
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    Thanks for the advice mate. Yes the 160g SST sounds an option. A friend uses 140 barnes TTSX as well and is full of praise for them. It'll be a case if experimenting as per usual! All good fun. I think as always minimising carcass damage and creating a sufficient wound channel is a bit of a balancing act, too far to either extreme is undesirable.

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    Yeah the 140gr ttsxs should work well in the rem mag. Maybe not ideal for boar though.

    I saw on another thread that you have a 25-06, I'm just about to get one, if my licence ever get back from the authorities! What would you recommend for that? It'll be used for roe and fallow. I'm thinking either an 80gr ttsx, 100gr scirocco or 110gr accubond...

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    As you already have the 7mm I'd personally go with a 100gn nosler BT. They are crazy accurate in my gun, and an excellent all rounder for lighter game in the UK. My thoughts are to run my 25 06 on these-either loaded or federal premium factory-and keep the 7mm at a higher weight, to cover all bases so to speak. I used some 100gn TTSX which worked really well, they were cracking on speed wise and could be brutal at close range but anything over 100yards dropped to the shot.

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    The 110 accubond is supposed to be awesome but I haven't tried them.

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    What were you shooting with the 100gr TTSX? Did you shoot roe with them? Just wondering if they open up ok on light bodied deer.

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