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Thread: DSX high pressure lubes

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    DSX high pressure dry lubes

    Introducing DSX fluoropolymer high pressure dry lubes

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    We looking at introducing a new range of lubes onto the British market and will be the sole distributor in this country and on the European Continent.
    DSX fluoropolymer particulate lubes were originally created to serve in Operation Desert Shield during Gulf War I. They were engineered to overcome the extreme heat and cold of the desert environment along with the sand, grit and other adverse conditions and to maximise the function and service of life land, sea and air military equipment.
    These products have many fields of application. They don’t just help guns run more smoothly. They work in any setting where metal moves against metal, or where there is friction between moving parts (including car engines) to bring about a reduction in friction, wear, corrosion, carbonisation and oxidation.

    How DSX works

    Unlike other lubes such as Teflon, DSX fluoropolymer particles have no jagged edges. They are spheroid in shape and approximately 0.02 microns in diameter (about one millionth of an inch), which is incredibly small. These tiny particles occupy and fill the micro-voids and rough grain of the metal surface and will even penetrate stainless steel.
    DSX is available as a “grease” or as a liquid lubricant with the fluoropolymer particles suspended in a carrier fluid. DSX is not a replacement for oil but is applied to whatever surface you wish to treat by rubbing it in until the carrier fluid disappears and the surface feels dry.

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    There are other fluoropolymer products on the market but unlike DSX, their fluoropolymer particles sink to the bottom of their containers and do not truly emulsify when agitated, DSX products have overcome this problem by using a special process which permanently blends or homogenises the product.

    Some DSX products do say “shake well” but this is because the fluoropolymer is super-saturated, so agitating the product will blend excess particles into the carrier fluid.

    The fluoropolymer spheroids in DSX are electrostatically attracted to the surface being treated. Because of their extremely small size and this electrostatic attraction, the particles will permanently infill the surface of the metal, leaving it very smooth. Once the DSX fluoropolymer particles are electrostatically embedded in the treated surface, they are there to stay and will repel and eject foreign particulate matter or debris. The only way DSX could be removed from the metal would be by grinding!

    The end result is prolonged service life and less friction and wear. DSX products help reduce emissions and conserve energy. Applied in an automotive setting, this means improved fuel consumption and better miles per gallon. When added to a car’s oil sump, the result will be extremely dirty oil over the next couple of oil changes. This is because foreign particles have been excluded and replaced by the DSX fluoropolymer particles. Subsequent oil changes should be less frequent and show less dirt.

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    DSX works across an incredible temperature range of -73° C to +398° C. In a firearms context, this means fewer stoppages once the product has been carefully applied to the interior of the chamber. You can also apply DSX to the action of a firearm and down the bore. Please be aware that, particularly in high-end rifles, this may result in some adjustments having to be made to your loads.
    We will have the pricing shortly but I already have a small number of 1/4 ounce kits comprising both the liquid and the grease substitute and more are coming soon. Very little of the product is needed and it is activated by rubbing in until the surface is smooth and dry.

    The trial-size kits are £6.99 each including delivery and should allow you to conduct your own evaluation of the product.

    A product video is in the pipeline.

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    Go on then, if it keeps my semi auto running smoothly for a few more mags then itll be worth it

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    Quote Originally Posted by urx View Post
    Go on then, if it keeps my semi auto running smoothly for a few more mags then itll be worth it
    OK will arrange with you. PM to follow.
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    Will give it a try if you send your details please

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    More DSX trial size just came in today, so we plenty on hand for those who would like to try it.

    I'd also be interested in hearing back from those of you who have used it, to see what you think...

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    sorry Jon, its on the shelf waiting to be used, i have other things on the go at moment so forgot it was there. i did use it on someone air rifle but they wouldn't know the difference i doubt. as soon as i have feedback i will post up for you.

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    Have you got any larger than the trial size?
    Im willing to jump in head first...
    UK Guy

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    Yep, I have some 1 fl oz and 2 fl oz of the lube and 1 oz of the grease in stock. also some 4 oz of the engine/gear oil additive.

    Full price list so far goes:

    1/4 oz £4
    1 oz £8
    2 oz £14

    1/4 oz £6
    1 oz £10
    2 oz £18

    4 oz £22 (One ounce per quart of engine oil so this size will do a gallon of oil)

    Carriage for any of the above is £4.00 by Hermes (3-5 days although typically quicker than that) or £8 by ParcelForce 24.

    There are some other sizes and one or two other products in this series, but we're just getting started with it so all that will come at some point too.

    DSX hasn't made it onto the website yet, so please just get in touch by email or PM if you'd like to try the products.

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    1oz oil & 1oz greese should do me.
    Pm me your payment detail please
    UK Guy

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