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Thread: Sauer 202 7mm Rem Mag

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    Sauer 202 7mm Rem Mag

    FOR SALE....

    Sauer 202 in 7mm Remington Magnum.

    The gun is in really good condition, walnut stock and deep high polish bluing.

    The barrel is in top notch condition, the action is very tight as you'd expect from this type of rifle, the action is fitted with a picatinny rail has a 4 shot detachable magazine.

    Looking for 1,200 ono


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    Nice rifle. If it was a sako I would have had it.

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    Hello Alex

    Your mail box is full...

    just asking on behalf of a friend, can you kindly advise on the following...

    How old it is?
    Do you have the case etc?
    Roughly how many bullets your fired through it?

    many thanks

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