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Thread: I feel the need for a 6mm.....

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    I feel the need for a 6mm.....

    I have this niggling feeling that I really NEED a 6mm to fill the void in my current armoury between .222 and .270...

    Had a .243 in the past, was fine but just didn't inspire me and went in favour of the .222
    Prospect of shooting roe in England otherwise I probably wouldn't bother

    So 1700ftlbs needed to fill that requirement
    Ideally shooting between 75-105gr (3200fps down to 2700fos required)

    I really like the idea of the necked up .223/222rem mag cases but suspect I would fall short of target MV with all but the hottest 6x47rem loads
    But I have a 6mm BR case sitting in front of me and that looks really nice too

    Not really interested in going up to 6.5mm as I already have a 6.8 and it only really excels in the 120-140gr range
    It will likely be coming a rebarrelled/rechambered .243 donor rather than anything truly custom and expensive

    I have looked at the 6mm cartridges on offer and keep coming back to the 6mm BR....


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    I know where there's a very fine Sako 75 in .243 that's just been bedded...

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    6mm-284 is a sensible one.......6mm-264 Win Mag not so much
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    I know where there is a very nice 243wssm a bolt with 200 rounds of factory ammo to go with it.

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    If you reload the 6mm rem is an excellent calibre/cartridge combination, (1in 9 twist) getting brass can be a bit hit and miss.
    Fits nicely between the .223 and the 7mm rem mag.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Everyone should have a 6mm mines a .243win

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikadog View Post
    I know where there is a very nice 243wssm a bolt with 200 rounds of factory ammo to go with it.

    not considered that

    looks like a 6BR on steroids

    tell me more

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    And for something different have a look at the 6x70r

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    I'm scratching my 6mm itch with a .................................................. ....................................

    Sako M591 Varmint.
    Just got to wait until it's finished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    not considered that

    looks like a 6BR on steroids

    tell me more
    Some people get on with the WSSMs, most don't. Very (like VERY) thick, heavy brass, hard extraction, poor obturation (filthy cases) at anything less than maximum loads, short barrel life. When the barrel is done, there is very little you can rebarrel the rifle to other than another WSSM. It's a super short action with a magnum bolt face, far too short for the WSMs etc and the bolt face dia is too big for 'standard' cartridges with thye 0.473" case-head dia. At the end of the day, the WSSM has identical case capacity to the ordinary run of the mill 243 Win, but gets another 100 fps (in Winchester's claims anyway) simply by increasing pressures from 60,000 to 65,000 psi.

    If you go down the WSSM route, I have a set of 243WSSM dies and some brass.

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