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Thread: This is what its about II

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    This is what its about II

    well following my reading of the rspb thread i decided to go for a walk in the woods to count my deer. approx 1630.
    As i walked in to where i stalk which is about 11/2 miles i seen nothing, i had already been here this morning at 0440 and seen none also.i know that a nice buck is in the far corner of the ground as i have seen him give chase to a younger beast. Normally i don't bother with the more mature bucks as i would like to see them progress into larger animals, but others don't share this same stance and i cant leave them all for them.. i went to the seat and enjoyed a rather warm evening. seen nothing for about 50 minutes when all of a sudden the deer i was after showed up. he appeared from behind a small hill like a ghost as they do and was heading to an open area approx 150 yards to my front right. i watched him for about three mins and as he rubbed his head against the trees i awaited my chance for a shot. Its quite amazing really what does go through your mind as your about to take the shot especially after reading so many threads from here,
    is the deer behind foliage
    location of shot
    how far will he run if he does
    and so on
    I had decided to take my shot as he reached a specific clearing and it was not long before he was there. I am about 10 meters above him and he's out at 150 yards. i don't make any alterations for this shot straight at him.
    following the shot he turned and ran back 15 paces and was down. i carried out all the normal procedures up to and including getting to him. i also carried out the gralloch. I have attached some pics and hope you enjoy them as i did getting him. i would like to ask if you can take particular attention to the one of his chest and the thickness of his skin. about 2/3 mm thick. not seen it this thick on a was all the way to his gut and his neck to was thicker.. winter possibly..

    Last edited by centralbeltstalker; 04-06-2010 at 22:52. Reason: 1630 was the time not amount of deer i wish

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    Well done that's a nice beastIi would be well chuffed with him and I really like the dark antlers.

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    A lovely animal!, hope you get a decent mount out of it.
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    A nice beast there well done I bet your well chuffed good on you.

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    That about says it everyone. I am delighted. I don't have scales but he's one of my biggest Roe's.
    lots of meat for me and the guy who owns the land. every deer i shoot he gets half. thats my stalking fee.... had 5 buck and a doe last year and this is the second this year. I never shot any does due to weather that season passed. one happy chappy


    p.s will post picture of mount once i do it.

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    Well done .good one love the last photo mate lovely buck...Neil

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    Well done F, nice Deer.

    Glad you edited the thread? was going to say 1630 is a lot of Deer .



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    cheers Moe,

    Hows life with you. did you get a shooting team sorted.


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    u would be well chuffed with that good buck

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