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Thread: Light weight summer stalking boots

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    Light weight summer stalking boots


    What's everyone wearing for summer stalking boots, looking for something waterproof, light and quiet.



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    Had a pair of Scarpa Terra GTX for a years before passing them on. Ultra light calf leather, not especially high so not best for hill stalking, but perfect for the woods. Never had a comfier boot and if it wasn't for my glass ankles I'd still have them now.

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    You may find something that suits you here. (Altberg, Haix, JDS, Meindl, Lowa) And for a very good price!
    The 'Grade 1 used' boots very often are delivered brand new, in the original packaging.
    British Military Surplus Store.
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    I recently bought a pair of Scarpa Cyrus lightweight boots for a trip to Portugal and will also be using them for the summer over here. Very comfortable out of the box but check sizing.

    I give any Nubuck boots/shoes a good dousing in the Nikwax proofer before use and at reasonable intervals thereafter, and these ones proved to be waterproof during the one day of horrendous downpour that we had.

    Using the Go Outdoors online price challenge I got them for just over £90

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    Pretty much anything by Salamon. Their footwear is excellent and so damn comfortable.

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    Light close fitting wellies for my woodland stalking

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    As pointed out by Erik the mil surplus boots are currently very good and the Grade 1 ones I've had have been new. I currently have a pair of the Haix "high liability" boots and they are waterproof (membrane lined) pretty lightweight and not overly warm and they are also, for some reason, the quietest boots to walk in that I've ever had. They did, for me, require a little bit of breaking in but I always find this with higher legged boots. For £50 you can't beat them and I have a lot of boots and would say that the high profile boots marketed to stalkers can't beat them either.
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    Meindle army surplus desert boots, I got mine on ebay, £25 brand new, always plenty on there. The most comfortable light weight boots I have ever owned

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    I'd say that used to be the case - I had a pair of trainers for years - totally waterproof and never even a loose stitch even when they ended up covered in paint and antifouling and the soles worn almost through.

    So I bought a pair of lightweight boots for summer use (they were nearly £100) - never been totally waterproof and have now two broken lacing eyes. Yes they have been hard used - but that's what you pay for no? When I was back in the shop buying another pair of Merrils to replace the Salomons the yoof said "yes they are very variable in quality and you can't tell by looking at them" - seems like another product farmed out to a sub-supplier in SE Asia.

    Quote Originally Posted by ziggy View Post
    Pretty much anything by Salamon. Their footwear is excellent and so damn comfortable.

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