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    I currently don't do any home loading and have no experience in the area. However, I would like to do some research into the subject and I was hoping you might be able to recommend some reading material. I have been told the 'Speer Reloading Manual' will have everythng in it that I need to know, if anyone could confirm this or point me in the direction of another book for a novice!

    I'm sure it's something that will interest me, but I like to research these things before I jump in and buy lots of kit!!!

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    Hi ScottC, I have a few manuals to refer to, not that this is a common thing these days, "The reloader's bible" by Don Geary has covered this subject in detail, an old book, granted, but well worth a read if you find one, A very good book to have in addition would be "Cartridges of the world" by Frank C. Barnes 11th Edition. Steve.
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    I have always contended that it is best to buy a manual made by either the powder manufacturers or the equipment manufacturers. RCBS once made a dandy little manual that explained the nuts and bolts of reloading but it's long out of print. Hodgdons manuals are top notch.

    The best of both worlds is the Lee book, "Modern Reloading, Volume II". I have a hundred (literally) reloading books and use Lee the most. Lots of interesting data on pressure calculation and reduced loads, as well as powder data from Hodgdon and their subsidiaries (IMR, Winchester), Hercules, V-V, Alliant, and Accurate Arms. The data covers about every known bullet weight for each caliber.

    Does Mr. Lee pitch his own equipment in the book? Sure. But Speer and Hornady pitch their bullets and reloading gear as well. If you buy this book and read it, (not just look at the data or the pictures) you will have a better than average grasp on the process, pressures, and internal ballistics. JMHO, of course.~Muir

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    Cheers for the info, I have ordered a copy of 'Modern Reloading, Vol 2'. I shall have a read and take it from there.

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