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Thread: 7mm-08 in a new/different way!

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    7mm-08 in a new/different way!

    Im awere there is a thread about 7-08 vs ai version going on but I didnt want to mess around in that thread with this discussion if thats inappropriate?

    I was thinking about how Norma made the 6mm BR Rem into a "new" cartridge by exceeding COL for heavier bullets.

    Im thinking about the same thing but with the 7-08. Im sure several have tried before but there is not so much written, load data etc. You often read about the 7-08 suffering from that you have to seat bullets deep to fit magazine.

    I have a Tikka M55 that allows 75mm cartridges in the mag. I wonder what you can get out of a 160 grain Accubond or a 162 Amax seating them to 75mm COL, and still maybe 1-2mm off the lands in the barrel. Say, 61cm barrel and using slower powder than in standard version. That would be interesting. I guess this one would also benefit being AI. Anyone running Quickload here?

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    When I shot 500M metallic silhouette it was popular to make long throated 7mm-08s for heavy bullets. I made one or two on Remington 700's.~Muir

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    Is this for hunting, or playing at long range?

    If you are going through all that trouble, how about just building a 7mm SAUM from scratch, and leave the M55 a 7mm-08? The 7mm-08 will shoot 145-gr Speer BTSP plenty fast and far for game hunting.

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    I've played around with my 7mm-08 for a few years now and tried weights from 100gr through to 160gr. Seating my 160gr load out to a COL of 75mm (assuming I could) might not produce much more than an extra 50 fps, I've never tried it so don't actually know but that's what my Quickload indicates (and it's usually fairly close).

    For hunting I'd stick with 140gr or 150gr which for the 7mm-08 seems optimum. I use 140's for deer and 100's for varmints. For target work I think Muir has said it.

    I can see your thinking in trying to squeeze the last drop out of the 7mm-08, I'm always experimenting, but not sure you'll achieve a great deal more.

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    I shoot 150 grain Game Kings for big mountain mulies, and 120 grain Sierra Game Pro's for everything else.~Muir

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    Thanks for the input. First, im in no need for a formula 1 caliber like 7Saum. I want a smaller case, more effektive, less recoil, and kind to the barrel. In my book 7Saum is a 600-1500m caliber. I need a 0-600m deerhunting caliber (wont shoot deer at 600 but targets, and knowing bullets will hit hard 300-500) I have also been looking at 7x47 Lapua but 7mm-08 seems to be easier in everyway, less costs too. Why im thinking of long throated 7-08 is just becouse I want to use all of the case volume. I realize that if going long throat and heavy bullets wich means slower powder I would benefit with a longer barrel than 61cm. But still... I think im going to do it. My M55 is .308 right now, just need a new barrel throated long. 140 bullets would jump a bit but that doesnt mean the accuracy would be bad.

    Even if going with 150 grains, some bullets with high bc (like accubond long range) are so long I think it would be easier with 75mm col, just to find the right sweet spot, not saying it have to be 75 but then I can adjust it from 70-75mm.

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    I want a smaller case, more effektive, less recoil, and kind to the barrel. In my book 7Saum is a 600-1500m caliber. I need a 0-600m deerhunting caliber (wont shoot deer at 600 but targets, and knowing bullets will hit hard 300-500)

    I hear, from some reports, that some German guy, calls himself Mauser (?), has been playing around with the idea of a 7mm with a long overall length. So it's said. He calls it a 7x57 or something like that?

    He reckons, this Mauser fellow, that it'll make a long range military cartridge...with 173 grain bullets, that at lesser distances might, possibly, have use in the hunting field in Europe AND in Africa. I don't know if there's any merit in what he's trying to do. Me? I'd maybe wait a year to see if his ideas catches on.

    These new never knows. German inventors, eh, always trying to re-invent the 7mm-08! Bit of an optimist the guy is! Anyway time will tell...this Mauser and his 7x57...probably never hear of either of them again.

    Good Luck to him! Like that Brenneke fellow, another German, you see, and his 7x64 idea. It'd be rude to laugh...but can't help it can you. Flash in the pan both. Here today, gone tomorrow. Re-inventing the 7mm-08...well you've got to admire them for trying...
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    7x57 wont fit my mag, 7x57 is long action and cip max is 56 and 61 for 7-08. Meaning 7-08 is a 7x57 nearly performer with the right COL. There is probebly 100 other 7mm calibers suggestions out there but im interested in 7-08.

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    I thought that might be an issue. I'm no fan of AI or Improved cartridges. If you come to sell no one wants it at a fair price. Same reason I'd not mentioned .284 Winchester. My own thought is actually a .308 Winchester (larger base area so powder works more efficiently)might serve better? Certainly more target bullet options more widely, and cheaply, available? But I know Americans do well at 1,000 yards with standard 7mm-08.
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    I have loaded and used all kinds of bullets in the 7x57, 7x57R, 7x64, .280 Rem, and 7mm Rem Mag.

    The 7mm-08 seems best with 140 and 150-gr bullets, for all-around hunting. Most of them have a 1:10 twist and a 22-inch barrel, too. The Speer 145-gr bullets impress me, with a choice of construction. Sierra 150 gr PH leaves room for enough powder to shoot flat out to 300 yards. If you want to play out to 600, load the 154-gr SST or 150 NBT - starting a bit slower, but high BC.

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