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Thread: My lads first deer

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    My lads first deer

    After several attempts to get his first deer we finally managed it last evening.
    We had been sat waiting where we often see them come out of the woodland but nothing had shown so as the light was going we had a quick look in the top field before going home. As we drove in a doe stood up out of the long grass, stopped the truck and watched through the binos . As she wandered off a yearling buck stood up and looked at us so Luke slowly got out of the truck and watching the buck all the time got himself in a position for a safe shot. The buck started to browse and it was a good 5 minutes before he presented a shot. Luke said he was ready so i gave him the ok to shoot, the buck jumped and ran into the wood, Luke looked at me in disbelief but i reassured him it was a good shot and we got in the truck and drove to where the buck had been standing. Got the lamp out and found blood and a bit of lung so Luke got the rifle and we followed the trail into the wood. 50 yards in the buck was standing and looked like he was going to drop any second but told Luke to finish him quickly which he did with a clean neck shot.
    On inspection the bullet had missed the heart by a fraction but had gone through both lungs it was then that Luke remembered it was zeroed 1inch high at 100 yds otherwise it would have been a perfect shot.
    Very proud of him as he has waited a long time for this, he has been on deer before but showed a maturity beyond his years and refrained from taking a shot if he was not happy with it.
    Hopefully this is the first of many we shoot together.
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    welldone Luke, there is nothing like that fist kill,a memory for life.

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    A,up Tony,

    Congrats to Luke and well done to you mate

    Taking your first deer with your dad must make it that bit extra special

    Hope to see you both soon


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    The first is the one that sticks with you,

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    Excellent .. congratulations it is good to see some good news amongst the doom an gloom ... well done to your boy on a nice little beast

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    Theres nothing quite like sharing moments like that with your son. Memories for life. Well done. FM.

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    well done to Luke!!! i bet hes well chuffed,and a cracking photo as well.

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    Well done, that must be an excellent moment for both of you.

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    Well done to you both and a great result for the pair of you. Something very special about being with your son when he takes his first deer I am sure, and a very treasured memory.

    Hope to see you later in the year Tony.



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